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About DiaperRush.com

DiaperRush.com grew from customers who needed adult diapers with quick delivery, at an affordable cost. Let’s face it: when you buy 10-20 pieces of diapers each time, you’re spending transport money that adds up in the long run. DiaperRush.com guarantees that when you buy a 100-bag that comes with fast delivery, you save time and money. DiaperRush.com is a collaboration of Trust Center LP and Genetix S Pte Ltd. Hotline: (65) 90066830
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About DiaperRush Products

We work direct with manufacturers to import the best quality products at affordable prices. We understand the daily issues of caring for the people around you. Get premium quality adult diapers at DiaperRush. Our adult diaper online store offers all your loved one's needs. Shop now and enjoy free delivery with every order of 100 pieces.
Quality diapers with fast delivery.


DiaperRush Adult diapers are immensely helpful as they do give the right type of protection needed to go out in public with confidence. DiaperRush adult diapers provide quality of protection on a limited budget.


Comfort is the most important feature of an adult diaper. Our customers deserve a diaper that is completely skin-friendly and avoids pinching and rashes. A good adult diaper allows plenty of air and is mostly made up from the breathable fabric. This decreases odors and also prevents irritation. Try DiaperRush and enjoy all night protection along with comfort. You need a diaper that is snug against the skin to limit urine from getting out of the diaper. This will be able to prevent irritation if it is not too loose or too tight.


DiaperRush Adult Diapers are rated between 1,800ml - 2,100ml. The average urinal discharge is about 400ml.


For the time being, we only carry L (40"-55") and XL (50"-65")

DiaperRush Delivery

Our Guarantee
If you place a paid order between 6am-1pm, it will be there the next working weekday*.

Example 1.
Your paid order reaches us 12:45pm on a Monday.
You will get it any time Tuesday latest.

Example 2.
Your paid order reaches us 1:30pm on a Monday.
You will get it any time Wednesday latest.

Example 3.
Your paid order reaches us on a Friday.
You will get it Monday (next working day).
Our delivery contractors may still deliver on Saturdays, but that’s if their schedules allow it.

Q: What’s with the “same day” offer?
A: Most people who receive their orders on the same day usually place their orders early the morning.

Q: Do you have any special deals?
A: Look out for our DiaperRush.com Reward Cards with your order. There are loyalty rewards for every 5th order and 10th order.

* Exceptions for traffic delays, natural disasters and Force Majeure.
Quality diapers with fast delivery
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