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DiaperRush’s Simple Hygiene Tips

At DiaperRush, we understand that caring for an elderly relative during the coronavirus pandemic can be a challenging time. That’s why we want to offer our support and provide some simple hygiene tips for those providing incontinence care.

Hygiene has always been important, but it’s even more crucial now. We recommend following these easy tips to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable.

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If you’re concerned about obtaining DiaperRush products, you can order them online through various retailers or pharmacists, or directly from our website at https://www.DiaperRush.com.

For professional caregivers, please click here for additional information.

We’re committed to supporting you and your loved ones in any way we can.

Maintaining proper hygiene is always important, and even more so in current times. If you are providing incontinence care, here are some simple hygiene tips to keep in mind:

  • Practice thorough hand hygiene before and after care routines.
  • If possible, wear disposable gloves and apron. Wash and disinfect your hands before and after use and discard the apron and gloves after every care instance.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry, such as rings or watches, and long-sleeved clothes to prevent contamination.
  • Clean up any spills or dirt immediately using disinfectant.
  • Regularly clean areas in the house where indirect transmission could occur, such as door handles, the toilet system, and handrails.

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