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How a Nurse Tells You to Wear Adult Diapers

It seems that you’re asking about how nurses assess patients for incontinence. Typically, we identify chronic urinary or bowel control issues based on a patient’s symptoms, medical history, and ruling out other underlying conditions. If a patient has been incontinent for more than two consecutive days and there are no underlying medical issues, we evaluate their toileting schedule and make necessary adjustments, such as increasing the frequency or timing.

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We try to avoid the use of adult diapers whenever possible, as they can increase the risk of urinary tract infections and skin irritation due to the acidic nature of waste products. Additionally, they can have negative effects on a patient’s self-esteem and sense of cleanliness.

However, in many long-term care facilities, the use of adult diapers may be necessary for some patients. The protocol for evaluating incontinence varies depending on the facility, with some unit managers or nursing directors creating their own assessment methods. Therefore, it’s important to use common sense when deciding whether to use adult diapers, taking into account their potential negative impact on a patient’s well-being and any associated medical issues.

Special thanks to Nicole Mundo McDonald, Former Psych nurse administrator-served on Ethics Board at Catholic Health East (1993-2015)

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