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Interfaith Community Outreach Distributes Adult Diapers

SINGAPORE – Dr Maliki Osman, the Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs and Mayor of the South East District, stated that Singaporeans of all backgrounds should stand together to show compassion for the less fortunate. During an Interfaith Community Outreach, program assistants distributed Adult Diapers to the attendees.

Dr Maliki informed faith leaders, nursing home residents and volunteers at an interfaith fast-breaking event on Wednesday (May 29) that “compassion itself knows no religion”.

Project Dignity ended the event at Wisma Geylang Serai, wherein 120,000 adult diapers were distributed to 500 beneficiaries in the South East District.

More than 100 volunteers from the South East Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles, South East Community Development Council’s Racial Harmony Youth Ambassadors program and other religious organizations repacked and sorted the adult diapers, which were then distributed to the beneficiaries.

Instead of giving out food aid, Dr Maliki said they distributed adult diapers to help raise the dignity of the elderly.

Some older folk commented that the program’s adult diaper distribution was timely and helpful, as they find it difficult to go to the bathroom and adult diapers are often expensive so they are seen as a practical form of help while the community provides traditional forms of assistance.


Incontinence is a common symptom of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, making day-to-day activity much more challenging.

Below are 7 frequently asked issues about dealing with incontinence and Alzheimer’s disease in order to make life simpler for you and more comfortable for your elderly relative.

1. How can I discuss incontinence or leaks with them without offending them?

The most crucial thing is to maintain composure, show empathy, and avoid calling attention to the problem.

For instance, if there is an accident or leak, you might say:

– Your pants appear to be damp; this might occasionally happen.

– We should grab some clean clothes because it appears that you may have spilt something on your pants.

– Accidents can happen any time.

2. How should we introduce incontinence products?

In general, it’s better to introduce padded or disposable underwear in the form of an adult pull-up diaper. The pull-up style resembles everyday underwear in comfort.

The terms “diaper” and “incontinence,” which might be confusing, should also be avoided. Use phrases like “leaks” or “spills” instead. Say pull-up underwear or a brief for diaper.

This guideline is only broken if your senior adult refers to them as diapers. You ought to use the word “diapers” if the seniors call them diapers. Use them as your model. If not, it might lead to even more shame or disgrace.

If you encounter opposition, try explaining that the absorbent underwear offers security in case they are unable to use the restroom in time.

Occasionally, your senior adult may not notice differences between a pull-up and an underwear. If it happens, not calling attention to it and simply replacing the regular underwear will smooth out the situation.

3. How do I pick the optimal products for incontinence?

To make it simple for you to identify the size and absorbency that are appropriate for your elderly adult, some companies provide free samples of incontinence products.

By using these samples, you can save money and perhaps enhance the safety and comfort of the product.

Some businesses also provide you the opportunity to speak with a courteous, compassionate advocate who may offer professional advice on the best free sample for your elderly relative.

4. How can I assist my elderly relative in using the restroom promptly, especially late at night?

To prevent nocturnal falls, it’s crucial to make the journey to the bathroom obstacle-free and as short as possible.

Your older adult is more likely to prevent an accident if using the restroom is as simple as feasible.

Small adjustments can have a significant impact. Try adding a light-up toilet seat, leaving the bathroom door open, and making a path to the bathroom with

non-slip tape and/or nightlights.

If they happen to sleep through the urge to relieve themselves, you might also wish to put a bed pad (aka. underpads) in the bed.

5. My elderly relative leaks at night, startling up the two of us. What ought I to do?

The most difficult time to keep your elderly loved one dry may be at night. There are goods that are extremely absorbent, which is good news.

One of the most absorbent adult diapers on the market is by DiaperRush. For additional coverage, you can also insert booster pads inside the absorbent underwear.

To reduce the need for frequent changes of bedding, layer absorbent washable or disposable bed pads (often referred to as underpads) over the linens and place a waterproof mattress covering underneath.

It might seem excessive, but if being overprepared results in a better night’s slumber and less laundry in the morning, you won’t regret it.

If there is a leak, keep necessary products like wipes, diapers, disposal bags and a change of clothes by the bed. That way, you won’t have to go find them in the middle of the night.

6. What happens if they refuse to wear their waterproof underwear?

Consider an adult bodysuit with snaps or impermeable underwear covers if your senior is attempting to remove their absorbent underwear.

Both styles of clothing make it harder to take off absorbent briefs, and the underwear covers add an extra layer of leak defense.

Some absorbent underwear have adhesive tape that is more durable than others. Avoid purchasing briefs with hook and loop fasteners because they are easier to take off and will help keep the underwear in position.

They might be attempting to take off the undergarments because they are itchy, uncomfortable, or both. It might be beneficial to try various types to see if that enhances their dryness and comfort.

7. How should I respond if they won’t switch to new absorbent underwear?

Try a super absorbent brief that offers all-day protection if your older adult regularly refuses to change their absorbent underwear, or add booster pads for an additional layer of protection to their absorbent underwear.

In any case, be sure to shield their skin from irritation with a moisture barrier or rash ointment.

If you think there has been a bowel movement or need to determine whether a change is required, encourage a trip to the bathroom.

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