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Overcoming Embarrassment: How June Found Help and Support for Urinary Incontinence with DiaperRush

June had lived a full life with her beloved husband, but when he passed away, she found herself living alone for the first time in decades. At 76 years old, she was grateful for her independence, but she began to experience urinary incontinence, which made her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. She knew she needed help, but she was hesitant to order adult diapers online.

After some research, June discovered DiaperRush, a company that specialized in delivering adult diapers discreetly to her doorstep. At first, she was nervous about ordering online, but she was pleased to learn that DiaperRush also took orders over the phone and offered free delivery.

June was impressed with the professionalism and kindness of the DiaperRush team. The delivery guy even gave her a free pamphlet with some tips to help her deal with her condition. She was surprised to find that there were simple and practical solutions that she could implement to control her incontinence and use her adult diapers more effectively.

Here are 5 tips that June found particularly helpful:

  1. Practice pelvic floor exercises: June discovered that strengthening her pelvic floor muscles could help to control her incontinence. She learned some exercises that she could do at home, such as Kegels, which involved contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. By doing these exercises regularly, June could improve her bladder control and reduce the frequency of accidents.
  2. Watch what she drinks: June learned that certain drinks could irritate her bladder and make her incontinence worse. She was advised to avoid drinks such as caffeine, alcohol, and citrus juices, which could irritate the bladder lining and increase the urge to urinate.
  3. Use the bathroom regularly: June was advised to go to the bathroom regularly, even if she didn’t feel the urge to go. By emptying her bladder regularly, she could reduce the pressure on her bladder and decrease the risk of accidents.
  4. Stay active: June learned that regular exercise could help to improve her bladder control. By staying active, she could strengthen her muscles and improve her overall health. She discovered that even gentle activities like walking or yoga could be beneficial.
  5. Keep a bladder diary: June was advised to keep track of her fluid intake, bathroom trips, and accidents in a diary. By monitoring her habits, she could identify patterns and make changes that would help her manage her incontinence more effectively.

With these tips and her adult diapers, June found that she could manage her incontinence and maintain her independence. She was grateful for the support of DiaperRush and the information they provided, which helped her to feel more confident and in control. She was also pleased to know that she could order her adult diapers discreetly and easily whenever she needed them. Continued in Part 2 here.

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